The Paisley Puppies

This page is dedicated to the five reasons I decided to pour my blogging focus into dogs and topics related to their lives and matters.  These are my girls, and they are my world. They are all rescues.

Stitch is the oldest and we've had her the longest. She was born 11-15-16. She and Lilo are from the same parents, separate litters. She is smart, and sweet, but very sneaky. She loves cheese, playing with chew sticks instead of eating them, and Joe the cat. She looks the most like a chihuahua, and is 12 lbs.

Lilo was born 5-19-17 and is Stitch's younger sister. She has attitude to burn.She's not quite as classically smart as her two sisters, but she is very eager to learn and enjoys doing tricks. Lilo resembles a toxirn and has strong terrier traits in her personality.

Helen was born 9-21-17 and is Lilo and Stitch's niece. She resembles a terripoo in both looks and personality. She is an absolute genius and empath. She self-assigned herself as a medical alert dog for seizures, low glucose and pain. She loves music and being told "Jaffa Kree!" (a Stargate reference from her nerdy mom and dad :) ).

Pearl born 4-28-19 is a chihuahua/min pin mix with whoknowswhat. She resembles a pit bull but much smaller, only 18 lbs (though she is the largest of the Paisley Pack). Her looks, personality, and general mannerisms are all pittie though. She is super smart and affectionate, and has a curly tail like a baby pig. She sometimes walks with her feet out of sync (the tail is indicative of a mild spine anomaly) and is nicknamed "Bunny."

Erin Rose "Rinnie" is Pearl's twin and the baby of the family. They were both rescued from an abusive home and could not be separated. She is much more classically "minchi" than Pearl in looks and personality. She is exceptionally smart, and an extremely loving lap dog who loves her little pink doll, and doing zoomies anywhere she can turn around. She is the smallest dog, only 11 lb of dense muscle and a very petite frame.

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