About Me

Hello, I'm Amy. The Paisley Puppy is my ongoing project to help bring news, helpful tips and other great content about dogs!

Dogs are a passion of mine, and so is writing. When I set out to make a blog, I couldn't think of a better theme to center my content on.

A little about me: I am a 30-something freelance writer, editor and photographer. I'm married and live in the Philadelphia area. I have five little dogs, who are my world. You can see them on the Paisley Puppies link on my sidebar. My girls are why I do this. I hope I will be able to bring some content and information that will be relevant and helpful to my fellow dog lovers!

Thanks for visiting my page, remember to subscribe for future updates. You can check us out on Twitter (paisleypuppies), IG (the.paisley.puppy) and on Facebook (The Paisley Puppy).

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